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Transitioning to a Remote Work Environment

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How working from home is changing the way organizations view the day-to-day If you are trekking through the uncharted territories of working from home, you’re not alone. In response to the world-wide pandemic, millions of people across the globe have made the transition to remote working. As we remain uncertain about the long-term impacts of

Cornsilk Company Partners With BCyber Savvy for Phishing Protection Services

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Cornsilk will now offer additional phishing protection services for clients COLLINSVILLE, Okla. - May 14, 2020 - Cornsilk Company is excited to announce our brand new partnership with BCyber Savvy which will expand protection to new and existing clients. Phishing is a common cybercrime in which scammers attempt to obtain sensitive information through emails, phone

8 Tips to Avoid Costly Cyber Attacks

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According to the Symantec 2019 cybersecurity report, cyber-attacks are up 56% over the previous year. Enterprise ransomware, which holds an entire organization’s systems hostage, is up 12%. Nonprofit organizations are especially vulnerable to attack because most lack dedicated IT resources who plan and defend against such attacks. A study conducted by CohenReznik found that 70%