Cornsilk will now offer additional phishing protection services for clients

COLLINSVILLE, Okla.May 14, 2020 Cornsilk Company is excited to announce our brand new partnership with BCyber Savvy which will expand protection to new and existing clients. Phishing is a common cybercrime in which scammers attempt to obtain sensitive information through emails, phone calls, text messages, and more. Using the website platform, PhishER™, BCyber Savvy specializes in phishing protection so clients can instantly know if received messages are legitimate or not.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with BCyber Savvy,” said Janice Patton, CEO and Founder of Cornsilk Company. “We pride ourselves on our excellence in helping our clients sort through and understand complex technology and software decisions, so to now be able to offer this additional service from the experts is an opportunity to expand our footprint while keeping our client’s sensitive data safe.”

Now more than ever, data protection is essential. With this new partnership and service, you will be able to understand your vulnerabilities while obtaining straight-forward plans to protect your confidential data.


About Cornsilk

Cornsilk is a fund accounting consulting and support company helping nonprofits, tribes, and both national and international governments sort through complex software and technology decisions by providing quality services and products either directly or through our wide network of associated firms. We believe in helping companies make the best possible technology choice. To learn more, visit


About BCyber Savvy

BCyber Savvy is a phishing protection service that uses the PhishER platform to detect and prevent phishing attacks on your company or business’s data. To learn more, visit