Fund Accounting Software Helps Government Organizations Streamline Accounting Processes

Many governments and governing agencies find themselves working around their software rather than maximizing its full potential.  Instead they employ band-aids, fixes, and workarounds to get their systems to do what they want and need them to do.

What if we told you there’s a better way? What if we told you that with one software, AccuFund, you could do away with all the tricks, somersaults, and manual tasks to get your software to do what you need it to do?

Say Good-bye to Manual Allocations

If you rely upon grant funding, you know how strictly you must track and manage expenses back to specific grants to remain in compliance. If an expense must be apportioned equally across several grant categories, it can be a nightmare to reconcile in the accounting system. Some nonprofit accountants resort to manual reconciliation and allocation to ensure it is completed correctly. But that defeats the purpose of having software to automate such tasks.

AccuFund makes it easy to automatically allocate overhead and other categories across one, two, or more grants. Depending on how you want the system set up, you can easily click one button to allocate administrative overhead. Instead of hours of tedious manual data entry, it’s done in a minute.

Reports the Way You Want Them

Another area in which many governments and organizations struggle is producing reports that different audiences can interpret easily. Constituents may find it easier to understand pie charts, bar charts, or similar data visualizations. Yet internal stakeholders want a table or graph.

Manual reports created from spreadsheet programs take time. One wrong move and the whole report can be off, requiring you to work even harder to generate all of the reports that you need.

With AccuFund, your team can run many types of reports quickly and easily. Generate reports when you want them, and as you want them without spending undue time fussing with the format.

Robust Core System Features

Imagine if you went shopping for a car and the dealership told you that you had to pay extra for tires and a radio. You’d think they were out of their minds and walk right out of the showroom. Yet many software vendors charge extra for features that AccuFund includes among its core set of features.

AccuFund’s core features include:

  •       General ledger
  •       Accounts payable (and EFT within Accounts Payable, too)
  •       Financial report writer
  •       Form designer
  •       System security
  •       Data imports and exports
  •       Document imaging throughout
  •       Bank reconciliation
  •       Cash receipting

Additional components can be added to build out the system that government agencies need. These features include modules for:

  •       Utility billing
  •       Personal and property taxes
  •       Other fees, licensing and inventory
  •       Building permits
  •       Inspection permits and documents
  •       Court fines
  •       Work orders
  •       Budget development
  •       Requisition management
  •       Payroll
  •       Human resources management
  •       Grants management

AccuFund Is Easy to Use

Perhaps best of all, AccuFund is easy to use. Yes, Cornsilk Company will be with you every step of the way, including the training and implementation of your AccuFund system. But you’ll find that with AccuFund, you are up and running far more quickly than you thought possible. The intuitive interface makes it easy to find what you need and complete tasks. Plus, additional features enhance user productivity and efficiency.

AccuFund is true fund accounting at its best. If you’d like to learn more, please visit Cornsilk Company. You may also contact us for more information. Contact us online or phone (918) 671-7862.