Native American, woman-owned corporation recognized for support to the International Trade Council.

Collinsville, OK, March 9, 2020 – Cornsilk Company is honored to announce that we have received the International Trade Council’s certificate of appreciation in 2019. The International Trade Council presented this award to Janice Patton, CEO & Founder of Cornsilk Company on December 20, 2019. 

The certificate of appreciation was awarded to Cornsilk for support with the activities of the International Trade Council. Owing to the support of Cornsilk Company, in 2019 the Council was able to fund 6 overseas trade missions & 157 conferences, 37 online certificate courses & 183 educational webinars, 4 business confidence surveys, 6,887 custom research reports, 53,911 business introductions, 374 trade alerts and 284,392 new trade leads.

The support of Cornsilk Company also enabled the Council to fund several charitable programs including 49 business skills development outreach programs, 13 buy-bust operations to rescue illegally traded wildlife, 15 medical missions & 12 dental missions, 3 regular street-children feeding and educational programs and development of the world’s first and only long-tailed macaque rescue center.

“We are proud to be recognized by the International Trade Council,” said Janice Patton, CEO and Founder of Cornsilk Company. “Our mission is to help great organizations so they can touch more lives. Through quality and commitment, I expect even greater success in 2020.”